Information Systems

Information Systems.
Our computer system is an all-round laboratory management application which adapts to changes as they occur. This includes the Data Protection Act, the implantation of the ISO standard and new technologies, in particular, the Internet. We have a programme which uses an intranet to enable a doctor to connect to our database and type in a password to access a patient’s file and incorporate it into his/her own medical programme (Mectra, etc.).
Network structure.
  • Integrated networks in all centres
  • Creation of a virtual private network with point-to-point connections with the laboratory’s various centres.
  • Access by doctors to their patients using the Visor programme and a password.
  • Access to the Internet, e-mail and messaging services from all the laboratory’s centres.
Colaboramos con:


Besalduch tiene concertados sus servicios de Análisis Clínicos con las principales Entidades Aseguradoras.


We collaborate with the following entities: The Besalduch laboratory has clinical analysis service agreements with leading insurance companies, including:Asisa, Adeslas, Axa, Sanitas, etc.